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141. Pattern Matching & Recency Bias

VC’s are pattern matching all the time and recency bias can really put its thumb on the scales when it comes to decision making. Do you best to understand the patterns, especially the recent ones.


113. The Penny Gap

Why is the differentiation between pre-revenue and any revenue at all so important? The answer is from a classic startup post.


112. Do You Invest Pre-Revenue

Ask a VC, “do you invest pre-revenue?” and 90% of them are going to say some version of, “it depends.” Think of revenue as just one throttle. What are the other throttles you have down?


111. Messaging Market Fit

Messaging market fit is making sure that the right people are hearing your message, but that it also fits with their beliefs and what they want to hear.


102. Founder Intros

A venture fund’s most trusted source for referrals is its portfolio. Stand out from the crowd by getting an introduction through a fellow founder.


092. Fundraising Is Hard

Dama, the CEO of our portfolio company Manatee, pulled a fundraising rabbit out of her hat. She shares her fundraising advice this week… and it’s good!


083. Greater Fool Theory

In a world of information asymmetry, your current investors have the most information. And if they’re not willing to step up, that is a very bad sign.


079. The Aha Moment

The best pitches create Aha Moments You’ll know when you’ve hit it because the tone of the meeting changes. It becomes a true dialogue,, the questions come from a place of curiosity, or it turns into a brainstorming session.


078. Know Your Numbers

As the CEO of this business, you are going to be responsible ultimately for every aspect of it. Show that you know your numbers and it shows that you know your business.


070. The Right Reason To Fundraise

When you’re talking about the reasons why you’re fundraising. I want to be sure that you have the right reasons. The wrong reasons to fundraise are to make hires, to extend your runway and to get to a Series A.


066. Negative Signaling

If you keep going back to the same investors with the same story and without significant progress, it’s a negative signal. You need to cross those investors off of your list.


062. Sacred Cows

What is the thing that you are so desperately clinging to? Is it relevant? And is it going to help your business get through these next few turbulent weeks and then through the next trying months? Find those sacred cows and banish them.


061. Acknowledge Your Reality

Regardless of your situation, the startup world fundamentally changed on Friday. I have two pieces of advice for you. The first is: acknowledge your reality.

“This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end — which you can never afford to lose — with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.” – James Stockdale

Whatever your reality is, own it.


060. Self-Compassion

I saved the best for last and it’s possibly the hardest. The number one thing you can do for yourself is practice self-compassion.


059. Sleep

Lack of good deep sleep impacts your physical health, your mental health, your mental acuity, and even your reaction times. To keep your productivity high and your mental health strong, create a sleep routine and get good sleep.


058. Find a Therapist

While I’ve spent the last week and a half talking to you about tips and tricks for mental health, I’m not a trained professional, but I know the benefit of having one. I strongly encourage all founders to find a great therapist.


057. Spend Time on Yourself

When was the last time that you gave yourself permission to spend time on yourself? It’s not enough to just spend time doing something that you want– to take a break one night and then fret all about the things that you could be doing or should be doing. This is completely counterproductive. Giving yourself permission is the critical part of this.


056. Chronotype & Know Thyself

There are some inputs in your life that you can control such as food, drink and exercise. And there are some things that you can’t control, like your chronotype. And if you fight against this, you’re just going to make yourself tired and miserable.