245. Love Your People

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The title of the book is not about romantic love, it's about instilling a love for the work within your organization.

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Jeff Gardner:

The title of the book, “Love Your People,” is very interesting and it was a collaborative process with the publisher and a lot of the work that I’ve done with my CEOs. This is not the love that is the romantic, lovey kind of thing that is cringeworthy. This is the kind of love where we are all in it together, and it’s the opposite of fear. When you’re building startups, when you’re building something from the ground up, that connection to your people is so critical. 

And it changes it from being transactional, or I’ve got to do this work because I don’t want to lose my job, to, listen, I believe in this leader. I believe in the leaders of this business so much that I just want to do my absolute best work to make sure that we are successful as a team. Creating that environment, it pays off in so many different ways. We have the luxury through SpringTime Ventures and the venture capital community to see which companies really thrive. And it’s those where they have a strong community within the organization where everybody feels like they’re working towards something that’s a real purpose and they’re in it together. And that’s really, when we talk about “Love Your People,” what “Love Your People” is about.

Rich Maloy:

Thank you, Jeff, for those incredible stories. And I do love the title of the book, especially after hearing the meaning behind the words. I highly recommend this book to any leaders out there listening to the VC minute. You can find the link in the show notes or just search for “Love Your People by Jeff Gardner.” 

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About “Love Your People” by Jeff Gardner
Love over fear is the key to exceptional leadership. ‘Love Your People’ shatters conventional wisdom by advocating for a love-based approach that sparks unparalleled organizational success. Through gripping narratives, bold insights, and disruptive guidance, this manifesto redefines love as a strategic weapon, unleashing innovation, autonomy, and transparency. It challenges fear-driven leadership paradigms, igniting empowerment and championing personal growth and collaboration.  

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