175. Start With Your Elevator Pitch

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We met six months ago for 30 minutes. It's been 260,000 minutes since we last communicated. Remind me, what does your startup do?

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Continuing with the theme of sending out investor updates, let me read to you something that was the opening paragraph of a one-off update from a founder.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of 2.0. This new iteration is a game changer designed to scale our operations in 2024 efficiently. Version 2.0 features a revamped pricing model and introduces self-service capabilities tailored to meet the needs of our diverse user base. These fundamental changes position us for accelerated growth and enhanced user satisfaction.”

Great. Now. How about you tell me what your actual company does? We met six months ago for 30 minutes and haven’t communicated since then. I have no recollection whatsoever about your business. To put a Neil deGrasse Tyson spin on this, it’s been over 260,000 minutes since we spent 30 minutes together. I think you get the lesson here: start every email with your one-line pitch. SpringTime Venture seeds high-growth startups in healthcare, FinTech, logistics, and the supply chain. There you go. Now, you know what we do? Let’s get down to our update.

Oh, and that jargon soup about the 2.0 update is, in fact, terrible. It doesn’t actually say anything. But that’s a topic for another day or another podcaster. For now, friends, start every investor outreach with your one-line pitch.

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