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How we work



Conviction counts.

We won’t string you along.

We value your time and are transparent with our process. You will always know where you stand in our review & investment process. Our default mode is:

  • Clear communication on timelines and deliverables.
  • Reaching conviction early. Whether it’s a “Yes” or a “No”, you will have an answer quickly.

No idle hands here.

We love what we do.

Helping you build your dream is our dream job. That passion keeps us motivated everyday. You’ll often find us:

  • Leveraging our network to bring industry experts and key hires to the table.
  • Help you close the round so you can get back to building.






We really care.

We’re here to support the people, not just the business. That means standing with you through the ups AND the downs. What that can look like:

  • Being a sounding board or ally when things get tough.
  • Being a cheerleader to amplify your wins.

Independent thinkers.

We are the social proof.

While other investors are looking for “signaling”, we’re often providing that for founders. We aren’t afraid to follow our own instincts, and once we’re in we:

  • Rally our network of aligned investors.
  • Are not afraid to be the 1st commitment in a round.




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The FAQs

You have questions. We have answers.

Yes, we are actively investing out of our second fund.

We invest in pre-seed and seed-stage software companies building high-growth businesses in healthcare, fintech, insurtech, logistics and supply chain industries.

We will say no 100% of the time to:

Hardware. Biotech. Pharma. Medical devices. Cannabis industry. So-called “vice” industries. Outside of the USA. Movies. Consumer Packaged Goods. DTC.

Most likely…no. We think our team adds the most value to companies operating within our specific focus areas and don’t typically do investment outside of these areas.

If you’d still like to share your startup with us, we’re happy to review it.

Our preference is for companies generating revenue, but we will occasionally invest in pre-revenue businesses if we feel like the team and market opportunity are “can’t miss.”

No. While we think there are huge opportunities outside of the USA, the SpringTime team is best positioned to help founders building in the USA.

Our average first check is $600k.

As long it’s within our focus areas, we evaluate startups by:

  • Team: A founding team with complementary skill sets and domain expertise.
  • Market: Massive opportunity within an existing market, or a path to forge a new market.
  • Product: Scalable, tech-driven solution that is an order of magnitude improvement.
  • Financials: Demonstrated understanding of key metrics and how you’ll achieve those with this financing.

We value your time and make decisions quickly. Our process boils down to the three steps below:

  1. A 30-minute intro call
  2. One-hour follow-up call to dive into specifics on the business
  3. One-hour partner call


The bulk of our work takes place between steps two and three. At that point, we go deep into your materials, while conducting our own research.

Occasionally we will join as observers or directors, but this is not a requirement.

Typically we do not, but we will consider leading or co-leading rounds that are $1-1.5 million in size.

Absolutely. We know the power of an early “yes”.

We reach conviction early, and many times help bring rounds together by connecting you with other firms that would be great potential partners for what you are building.

Yes. We have strong follow-on reserves and plan to follow on in top performing companies.

We aim to make the fundraising process easier and quicker so you can get back to running your business. We help you fill your round by connecting you with firms we know, trust, and respect.

We truly care about the people building the businesses. We are there for our founders through the good and the bad times.

Recruiting stellar talent is critical for growth. We’ll connect you with the individuals in our network to help you find the best individuals for your open roles.