195. Not ABF. Instead, Always Be Cheerleading

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The last episode of ABF. I promise. Maybe. But we're definitely missing the founder's perspective on this one, which is why I was glad to have Liz Giorgi's input.

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Rich Maloy:

I don’t want to dwell too much on ABF. But then again, this is a podcast about fundraising by a VC, so maybe it makes sense to just add one more piece of the puzzle here. And that piece of the puzzle is the founder’s perspective. I’m pleased to introduce Liz Giorgi, co-founder and CEO of Soona. We’re going to hear more from Liz later on, but this was a great clip where she shared her perspective on ABF. Take it away, Liz.

Liz Giorgi:

ABF, or Always Be Fundraising, is a funny maxim. It’s true and isn’t true in a funny sort of way. So how it’s true is that you never know where your next check is going to come from, and you never know where your next introduction is going to come from. There have been times that I’ve written something on Twitter, and I’ve got an introduction to a fund or someone’s reached out to me. There’ve been times when I’ve been at an event locally, or at a virtual panel. And I’ve said something, and I got an introduction to someone interested in our business.

You don’t want to meet an investor for the very first time when you’re fundraising. It’s just not the best time to get people into the habit of liking you and your business. And so Always Be Fundraising really should just always be building relationships in my mind. You’re always talking about the business. You’re always talking about the opportunity of the business.

I often think of my job as: How can I, in any room I enter, leave people with the impression that Soona is a great business that they want to be involved in, in some way? Sometimes that means fundraising, but sometimes that just means inspiring someone to share your business with a customer, inspiring someone to apply for a job at your company, or inspiring a partner to reach out and strike a deal. You’re always promoting the business. And I would rebrand Always Be Fundraising to Always Be Cheerleading. Always be cheerleading the mission, the vision, the opportunity, and your business and how you’re solving that.

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