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020. Oversubscribed

There are three types of mythical creatures: big foot, aliens, and a funding round not described as oversubscribed. It’s funny because it’s true. But it’s true because it works.

019. Target Raise

This is completely counterintuitive but the amount you’re telling investors that you want to raise is too high.

018. Runway

When you set out to raise a round of capital, you’ll get asked about your runway. This is important because fundraising is a waste of your time. 😁

017. Here, There, Capital

Founders part of your job in a pitch is to convince potential investors that you will get to the next level on the treadmill. And to do that, you need to three things: Here, There and Capital.

016. VC Treadmill

Raising venture capital is a treadmill. One that only gets faster and only gets steeper.

014. Deadlines

The last piece in your toolkit for driving action is deadlines. When you’ve got enough capital around the table, it’s time to pull it in. And nothing drives action like a deadline.

013. Sales Process

Pooled Interest or Soft Circled investors is how you use your system to move through investors systems.

012. Sales Process

You need to treat your fundraise like a sales process. The difference is that with fundraising, you need to close everyone all at once.