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038. Conservative

Don’t say your pro forma financials are “conservative.” They are complete fabrications! And that’s OK.

037. Bridge Round

If you call your funding round a “Bridge Round” it puts you in a defensive position. Listen to today’s #VCMinute for what you should say instead.

036. Talking About Exits

This week I’m covering things NOT to say to investors, starting with… exits. Talking about an exit strategy at the seed stage is ridiculous.

035. Back to the Pool Party

Happy Friday, everybody. It’s a Friday in July, and do you know, what’s the perfect thing for a hot summer day? A pool party! All the reasons investors say “no” can wash away when the pool party is packed.

034. The Hard Truth

There’s a big reason that funds pass or ghost on investments, but they would never share it with founders. It’s entirely subjective and often just based off gut instincts.

033. Venture Scale Returns

Another common reason venture funds say “no” is because they don’t see a path to returning the entire fund from that one investment. Wondering what that means? Here’s more…

032. Too Early

When you’re talking to an investor that writes checks at your level, and they’re telling you that you’re too early, here’s the real problem: you haven’t sold them on your vision.

030. Just Send the Deck

Wrapping up the week with great advice from @sabakarimm – don’t email people asking if you can send them the deck, just send them the deck. That’s the purpose of it. Send it!

Riderflex Podcast Interview

“What motivates me is to rebuild the middle class in America. And I believe that entrepreneurship is the highest ideal of the American dream.”