108. Early Believers Are A Lightning Rod

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Don't waste time trying to convince non-believers, find your true believers.

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I think if I were to give the best advice that I have about fundraising, it’s finding your early believers.

For some people, that’s friends and family. For people that don’t have wealthy friends and family, that may be somebody you connect with on Twitter or Facebook, or when the time comes, on our future platform Zinsu. And we hope to make that process easier for everybody. 

But the truth is, for those of us who don’t have those right now, we have to put ourselves out there. Be out there, right? Talk about what you want to do. Talk about what you want to build, talk about the traction that you have, and just put yourself out there. 

The people who don’t believe, move past them like super quick. 

I think for me, that was one of the hardest things to do. I always wanted to find a way to try, and how can I change their mind? How can I get this person to believe in me and in what we’re building? 

That’s a real mistake. It’s a waste of time, a waste of energy, and a waste of your efforts. Move past them super quick. 

See, I want to find the real believers, because those real believers will be more than capital. They’ll be a lightning rod for you. They’ll be the person who puts you on the path to what’s next. That helps you formulate what’s next. 

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