106. Be you.

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Investors have to believe in you. Don't fake it, don't hide it. Be you.

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There’s a final element of the Dama story about having the sticky that says greed on her laptop that is so important. The point is, is that she didn’t change who she is. She adapted her storytelling in order to match what investors wanted to hear.

If you really want to raise venture capital along the way, you are going to get all sorts of feedback. In Techstars, they call it mentor whiplash.

Sell, but don’t be salesy.

Have a killer instinct, but don’t be a killer.

Take charge, but don’t be arrogan.

Be coachable, but not too much that you’re, wishy-washy.

You don’t know the industry well enough. You know, the industry too well.

You’re too down in the weeds to see the big vision. You’ve got too much big picture and can’t execute on a day-to-day basis.

You’re too technical. You’re not technical enough.

You’re too old. You’re too young. You’re too mid-career.

You’re too arrogant. You’re too passive. You’re too inquisitive.

You’re raising too much. You’re not raising enough.

What is this crazy world we live in?

You know what. F*** that noise.

At the end of the day, You have to be you. Be you!

Should you adapt your pitch to the audience that you’re talking to? Yes. If you’re getting consistent feedback and you feel like you need to over rotate your story in one direction. That is fine.

Investors have to believe in you. Don’t fake it, don’t hide it. Be you. Cause you’re perfect. I love you. Have a great weekend.

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