101. Toxic Myth of Entrepreneurship

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Don't get sucked into these toxic myths of entrepreneurship.

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Alex Raymond

One of the things that I’ve also done and gotten a lot of enjoyment out of is mentoring in the Techstars program. which means that every year I’m meeting with a lot of CEOs and founders, and they all think that they want to talk to me about pricing, go-to-market strategies, or whatever’s going on right now for them.

But really, what they want to talk about when we get into it is, “How do I start to feel better inside? When does the fear go away? When do things cool down for me?”

Another message that I want to offer to your listeners is that I want to give them permission to have these kinds of conversations.

There’s a lot of feeling out there. There’s a lot of conversation out there, and the general sense is that if I’m a businessperson, a CEO, or an entrepreneur, I have to put on my coat of armor every day, and I’ve got to put on my battle mask, and I have to not show any vulnerability. I’ve got to be serious all the time, and I’ve got to be really ambitious, a go-getter, a type A, and…

That’s kind of a toxic myth about what it means to be an entrepreneur.

My invitation to people is to be thoughtful and reflective and to understand what’s really going on within them. to take the time to explore your own personal motivations and situations. Find resources and support and have the right conversations when you need to.

And the first commitment to that is simply a commitment to being open and vulnerable and sharing what’s going on. We’re really committed to building this community around that. The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit is the only in-person conference that is 100% dedicated to the wellbeing of entrepreneurs. We’re putting it together for the second time on June 7th and 8th, 2023, in Boulder, Colorado.

For anyone who is in the SpringTime portfolio, anyone who is a listener to the VC Minute Podcast, they can actually use the code springtime, and that’s going to get them $150 off the ticket to the event. The website is consciousentrepreneur.us. And that’s where you can find all the information about the event, the incredible speakers, and the companies that are helping us put this together.

About The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit

The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit is shaping up to be one of the top Founder/CEO events of the year. This is the only in-person event that is 100% dedicated to the well-being of entrepreneurs. Speakers include world-class executive coaches, best-selling authors, CEOs who are building world-changing companies. Details at https://consciousentrepreneur.us/ and make sure to use code SPRINGTIME for $150 off your ticket.

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