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The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit was created to build a community of people who are entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs who are committed to their personal growth.

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Alex Raymond

So I was out walking my dog, and I had this thought that just flew into my head, and the thought was, “I really like being an entrepreneur, and I really like the personal growth journey that I’ve been on ever since my wife, who kind of nudged me in this direction with that reflection,” and I really like putting on events. It kind of occurred to me, “Well, hey, why don’t I do something that marries all three of those: being an entrepreneur, self-growth, and putting on events?” And that was how I created the Conscious Entrepreneur Summit.

I started this whole project to say if I wanted to build a community, if I wanted to get people together who are entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs who are committed to their personal growth and who understand the value of investing in these types of tools and resources for themselves and for their companies, how would I do that?

The main idea was, “I want to make this a conference with no hero stories.” We’ve all heard the hero stories of entrepreneurs. They’re at every other conference; you know, you’ve got some guy; by the way, it’s inevitably a guy up on stage who says, “Oh, I saw this problem in the market and then I raised $5 million, and then boom, everything is perfect and we’re all, you know, gazillionaires, and look at me.”

I want the opposite of that. We wanted to talk about anti-hero stories. The anti-hero stories are, “Here’s what it really looks like to build a company. Here are the five or 10 years that it took for us to get there. Here are the challenges that we had as a team, in our relationships, with our investors, or with whatever it is. Here are the specific tools and resources that I have used to help me when times were tough.” When we talk about anti-hero stories, those are what come up.

At the Conscious Entrepreneur Summit, we’re all committed to learning and doing this together. The idea is that I can learn from you, someone else can learn from me, and we’ll all then figure out how to remove stress from our lives. How do we build resilience? How do we no longer feel imposter syndrome or those sorts of things?

So we’re really committed to building this community around that. And the first major commitment to that is simply being open and vulnerable and sharing what’s going on.

So that’s part of what we do at the Conscious Entrepreneur Summit. It’s been super fun and amazing to put together. In our first year, we did it in Denver last year, in May 2022. We had about 115 people for that session. and it was really great. We still get messages from people saying how much it has impacted their lives.

We’re doing it again on June 7th and 8th, 2023, in Boulder.

We would love to see you in Boulder for the Conscious Entrepreneur Summit. The website is consciousentrepreneur.us, and if you use the code springtime, you’ll get $150 off your ticket.

About The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit

The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit is shaping up to be one of the top Founder/CEO events of the year. This is the only in-person event that is 100% dedicated to the well-being of entrepreneurs. Speakers include world-class executive coaches, best-selling authors, CEOs who are building world-changing companies. Details at https://consciousentrepreneur.us/ and make sure to use code SPRINGTIME for $150 off your ticket.

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