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VC Minute
I want to hear your insights on the VC Minute. What can you share about your fundraising journey for the VC Minute community?

VC Minute – quick advice to help startup founders fundraise better.

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This is Rich Maloy with SpringTime Ventures, bringing you the VC Minute, quick advice to help startup founders fundraise better. 

This week is going to be pretty light as I’m preparing multiple guest episodes for the coming weeks. I’m doing a lot of editing  and recording new guests as well. 

 Having guests on the show gave me an idea, maybe a crazy idea, because I don’t know if anyone will do it, but Hey, It’s an experiment. Let’s have some fun with it. 

 I want to have your insights on the VC Minute. What can you share about your fundraise journey for the VC Minute community? I would love to have you record something and share it. 

Here’s some prompts to get you started. 

  1. How has the VC Minute helped you fundraise? 
  2. What episode or episodes made a difference in your fundraise? And how? 
  3. Of the VC Minute advice, what do you disagree with? And why?  
  4. What’s one piece of advice that you’d like to share with the VC Minute community? 

 Think about this and record something this week. Recorded on zoom loom, or just the audio recorder on your computer. Please be in a quiet place; audio quality is important. Start up by introducing yourself, give your name and your company. Tell us where people can find you. 

 Don’t worry about rambling and don’t worry about editing. In fact it would be better if you gave me four or five minutes and then I’ll take it from there. 

 When you’ve got it. Email it to me, or email a link to vcm@springtimeventures.com. that’s VCM. As in VC minute, m@springtimeventures.com. 

 As much as I love to go into radio announcer mode, the VC Minute was never designed to be just my voice. So that’s why we started having guests on this season. Are you the next one? 

 I think this will be fun and I’m really excited to hear your feedback. It’s also important that we all learn from each other. Share your advice and I’ll share it with the rest of the community. Thanks have a great week.

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