030. Just Send the Deck

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Wrapping up the week with great advice from @sabakarimm - don't email people asking if you can send them the deck, just send them the deck. That's the purpose of it. Send it!

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Hey, happy Friday, everybody. Another week of VC Minute! I have so much more to say about pitch decks, but I think we’ll cap it for there for now.

Last thing I’m going to add, and this is advice from my buddy Saba Karim, who is the Fund Manager for Techstars Rising Stars Fund, as well as the Director of Global Startup Pipeline for Techstars. He’s been with the Techstars organization for a long time. Everybody should be following him on Twitter and on LinkedIn, he puts out a ton of great content. 

One of the things that he says is just ask the ask. 

He says things to avoid when reaching out for help asking if you can ask a question, asking if you can send a deck, and asking if somebody can do you a favor.  Just ask the question, send the deck and ask the favor. I love this advice from Saba.  

So, don’t email people asking if you can send them the deck, just send them the deck. That’s the purpose of it. Send it! 

And one more shout out this week to Steve Urban and the RiderFlex podcast. I was interviewed by them and the podcast just came out and this was a very personal interview. 

Thanks to Steve for his great questions and really digging in on  more of who Rich Maloy is and my background and some of my family and backstory. And so if that’s something that you’re interested in hearing about, check it out we’ll put a link on the website and the link in the show notes of this episode. 

So with that, thanks again for listening this week, time is our most precious asset and I appreciate that you’d spend more of it with me. 

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