Fundraising Resources

Here are the fundraising resources we track and share with founders.

Seed Crust: State of the Seed Market 1H 2024

Most startups at Seed are circling around, unable to break through to Series A. We’re calling this the Seed Crust. I recently released a market report covering:

  • The market forces behind this
  • What it will take for this to change?
  • The paths forward for founders stuck


Download the report: here:

VC Minute

VC Minute is our short-form podcast offering quick advice to help startup founders fundraise better. Each episode is about 2 minutes long, packed with insights and guidance into the dynamics of seed stage venture financing.

I recommend starting with the Season 1 compilation, which is under 35  minutes

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The VC Minute Substack has regular posts focused on founders & fundraising.

"Deal Flow" Distro Lists

There are a number of startup “deal flow” emails that I subscribe to and suggest you check out to get your company in front of a wide variety of investors:

  • DocSend will review your deck for free, provide personalized feedback and intros to investors. Submit your deck via DocSend link to and mention in your email that you were referred by SpringTime Ventures. Learn more here
  • Lolita’s Startup-Investor Matching Tool is a vetted weekly email to investors that’s made over 4,000 intros. Learn more here.
  • Mercury Raise has regular cohorts of Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A and DTC startups that they send around to a curated list of investors. Learn more here.
  • Malloy’s Monthly Deal Flow has a great format to quickly engage VC’s beyond the standard elevator pitch (and no, we’re not related, I’m a one-L Maloy tyvm) Learn more here
  • 43North invests $5M annually into seed-stage startups. They bring in high-quality investors from around the country; it’s one of our favorites. Learn more here.

VC Lists

Here’s the list of VC lists that I recommend to founders to help them find additional investors:

  • Signal NFX – Great database of VCs, Bay Area heavy
  • OpenVC – Database with additional fundraising resources
  • Visible Connect – Free offering from a SaaS tool for investor updates
  • Find Funding – A new one on the scene, curated by Focal

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